sca member 2021
SCA Membership

In May 2017, I completed a set of professional Barista exams at the koffieschool in Utrecht, the Netherlands. They are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and recognized and valued by hospitality people world-wide.


  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Barista Skills Foundation
  • Barista Skills Intermediate
  • Brewing Foundation
  • Brewing Intermediate
  • Sensory Skills Foundation
  • Roasting Foundation
  • Latte Art


This implies that I can

  1. function as a Head Barista in any coffee shop,
  2. maintain and calibrate the espresso machines daily,
  3. choose/procure the right beans to match a certain desired flavor,
  4. talk with roasters on adjusting their roast for your business, tastes/flavors and equipment,
  5. set and maintain the grinders and adjust the coffee recipes to maintain a fixed flavor profile throughout the day.

I am capable of producing 300-350 coffees per 8 hour workday by myself with the right equipment and workflow.


If you have an existing coffee establishment, I am more than able to train your current staff and help increase your coffee’s quality and consistency levels. If you desire to learn to how to make Latte Art in cappuccinos and lattes, I am also able to teach your staff how to do that and get the right equipment for it.

pouring a cappuccino

Below is a list of recent experiences and portfolio.