The Market Garden supermarket in Sint Maarten wanted to create a food court inside the supermarket with various ready-to-eat products as well as a coffee shop that makes the best coffee on the island. The cafe was officially named the “Double Dutch Café” a month after opening.

  • Consultancy for shop set-up
  • Workflow and lay-out design of the coffee corner
  • Specified coffee equipment needed (grinders, milk pitchers, tampers, etc.)
  • Designed the coffee recipes for
    • black, iced and milk coffees for 4 oz and 12 oz takeaway cups
    • BUNN filter coffee
    • 16 oz frozen coffee aka “frappuccino” or “frappé”
    • Cost calculations for margins and profits per cup
  • Created barista handbook and work guidelines
  • Established cleaning schedule for the machines
  • Basic training for 3 baristas