As an experienced IT professional, I find it hard to see so many businesses either waste money on bad IT services or have terrible online presences and websites. I sympathise that they don’t have much free time to setup and maintain websites, Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts and Pinterest mood boards, but with a little help from me all those can be integrated and automated.

I help a bunch of non-profit companies maintain a proper website and do my best to put cloud technology to good use so they can focus on their cause and let IT help them – the way it was supposed to be.

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I also provide my services to small or medium sized companies that have no IT staff of their own. Most of it starts with a website and then grows in various directions as their needs grow and their trust too.

For 250 euro you’ll get a basic website that’s fully integrated with Social Media!

If you’d like my help making you a fabulous website on, then get in touch! Start by getting yourself a website at and get in touch! Click the banner below to get started…