I will be working part-time as a barista at Coffee Cabana in Utrecht, near the train station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn on the Vondellaan.

I will be helping the owner and head barista Galit as a barista so she can focus more on starting up the restaurant services and kitchen, while I can maintain coffee quality and consistency. Especially during peak hours.

San Remo ZOE espressomachine

In addition, my experiences as a chef can help her with optimizing the daily mise-en-place of her kitchen and “fast prep” of orders from customers. From working busy beach clubs in Den Haag and Scheveningen as well running my own dining room restaurant, I have learnt firsthand how important it is to prep the kitchen very well so you don’t have to worry when orders start piling up.

In between, I’ll help in the kitchen, with smoothies and waiting on tables trying to make myself useful.