I can provide non-profit (NGO) as well as small and medium businesses (SMB) with a variety of IT services that larger companies fulfill themselves by hiring full-time IT employees. This way, you can receive the same level of professionalism in your IT services without the need to hire full-time IT staff.

Example IT services for non-profits and SMB

  • Do you have a beautiful website to accompany your popular Facebook Page?
  • Do you use a free Gmail account to communicate with your customers or do you have an Email address with your company’s name in it? E.g. [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Do your customers often complain about not getting your emails and then find them in their spam folders?
  • Are you still using an HTTP website and would you like a free SSL certificate so you can move your site on to HTTPS?
  • Do you spend a lot of time processing booking or reservation Emails and following up those requests and would you rather have customers place their own booking/reservation directly in your calendar?
  • Do you know how many visitors you get? What posts are popular or which are not? Do you know the best time to mention something on Facebook?
  • Are you aware of how customers find your business and what you can do to increase traffic to your site?
  • Do people keep making reservations only to cancel either last minute or without notification and would you kill to get rid of that?
  • Can you accept (down) payments on your website?
  • Would you like to offer a branded smartphone app?

Registered non-profits receive a 50-75% discount on all invoices.

Others can qualify for up to 25% discount. Inquire about your discount!

Web statistics

On-Demand IT Services

  • Website implementation, updating, optimization & maintenance
  • Website migrations to another web hosting provider without downtime
  • Website redesign or rebranding
  • WordPress optimizations & Google PageSpeed improvements
  • Email set-up for your employees, role-based mailboxes and anti-spam configuration (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • All DNS operations and maintenance (A, MX, CNAME, TXT records)
  • Monitor your IT services so you complain to your provider when go really bad (Internet goes down too often, Email not working, etc)
  • Basic SEO for your (new or existing) website and keyword analysis
  • Help you get a higher rank on Google by showing what is working and what not
  • Gather your web statistics, perform analysis and provide you with meaningful weekly or monthly reports from which we can make action points for the next reporting period so your business can improve and be more effective (and successful)
    • Set-up Google My Business
    • Set-up Google Search Console
    • Set-up Google Analytics
    • Set-up Google Data Suite reporting
  • Integrate your website with your Social Media channels so that new articles and updates are automatically cross-posted across the channels of your choosing
  • POS system installations and configurations
  • Payment services integrations
Program code in an editor

Software and Providers

I can help you with your existing IT tooling if you are already using any of the service providers below and let you get more out of your existing package that you have already paid for.

  • GoDaddy.com
  • Wix.com
  • Squarespace.com
  • Square.com
  • Stripe.com
  • Buckaroo.nl
  • mijndomein.nl
  • Gandi.net
  • GMail.com or GSuite
  • Office365.com
  • Lavu.com
  • LightSpeedHQ.com
  • Loyverse.com