• new website, old Drupal site is too much work for non-skilled staff who’d rather spend the day outdoors
  • switch to HTTPS for better Google ranking (and security/privacy)
  • reactivate suspended domain with tsohost.com after unpatched Drupal was hijacked
  • redirect both owned domains to same site
  • optimize use of the feature of their package which is paid for for another 1-1.5 yrs
  • highlight 4 main aspects of the park
    1. horseback riding for tourists
    2. riding lessons
    3. pet farm for kids
    4. bar & restaurant “La Hacienda”
  • possibly split into separate domains for better SEO
  • integrate social media channels to attract customers from anywhere
  • simplify email boxes into their own domain, using Google apps for work
  • set-up mail on mobile devices
  • prepare for semantic indexing by using better SEO techniques
  • show all staff how to easily update the new site’s blog with their activities to that the blog can show the great diversity of activities the park, stables and crew can accommodate.
  • eventually also show events and special activities for local people