Created a website this Summer for my friend Hao-En Looi’s new gourmet Chinese snack restaurant “de lachende Chinees” in Rotterdam Noord, under the famous Spoorbogen.

With a new outlet for his endless energy and creativity, this Dutch Asian snacks restaurant is situated ideally in a family heavy area of Rotterdam Noord. Sunny terrace and cozy interior, the website needed to reflect the chosen colors and mix of traditional Chinese elements, as well as entice visitors to stop by.

Hao-en’s limitless creativity let’s him change the menu regularly and provides him with a source of pleasure. So updating the menu online should be easy. I chose for a PDF download button and presented each page of the PDF as a single JPG image. That also makes it super easy to view online, on mobile or desktop. Contactless menus are also super handy with COVID-19 restrictions and #stayhome #staysafe because people can easily check out the menu and order online or over WhatsApp.

Other duties included doing domain maintenance on a bunch of domain names, setting up Email services for him and his staff using role based inboxes instead of named. was chosen over GSuite because of Corona specials for entrepreneurs.

Social Media, Facebook and Instagram were also setup to complement the website and provide a wider discovery network. With families and older people mostly on Facebook and young professionals on Instagram, the two made sense. Still too early for TikTok.


Dutch Asian snacks