The Scuba Shop has done one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a long time: maintain a MS Frontpage-based website by hand for over 15 years with just a few HTML templates and manually updating everything all the time!


While impressive, it was not pretty. A modern CMS simply cannot be equalled with a few templates and scripts. The site is treasure chest for divers and snorkelers and contains a ton of extremely worthwhile content that cannot be lost in an update. It’s almost like a little water sports community with one active member.

The shop is run by a very capable Kim and after only a few hours of consultancy, advice and nudges in the right direction, she was able to find the way on her own!

  • Move to for a new site using a Business Plan
  • No easy or cheap way to maintain her Google Search (SEO) reputation
  • Set-up new site in parallel and switch name servers in one night when ready
    • Move all tips, guides and tricks that are not core business into the site’s Blog
    • Concentrate on Core Business products and do not distract customers too much with (well intended) help, tips and advice that are off-topic
  • Reduce hosting plan to Email package and save money
  • After site is stabilised and all content is moved onto the new site’s Blog feature, set-up shop using Woocommerce
  • Sync POS and inventory data with Woocommerce