Felicia wanted to pimp her property management website for real estate sales and (weekly) rentals. The old site at Wix wasn’t quite to her liking anymore and she wasn’t able to find her way around in the wix interface, which prevented her from updating properties and maintaining the site sufficiently.

I’m moving the website to WordPress.com initially on a free plan and linking the domain to the site. Using standard WordPress blog posts with one of a set of pre-defined categories and tags to describe the features of each property, she can easily update or add any property she finds on her mobile or laptop. The listings are filtered from the (blog) posts using the posts’ category.

Later, the plan will be upgraded and I’ll integrate a booking systems so customers can view, choose and book properties for their vacations right on the site.

  • transfer domain from old Owner on wix.com to Fecilia so she owns the domain name
  • pimp old wix site while we wait on transfer of the domain to WordPress
  • configure DNS on keenizsha.com to WordPress.com
  • customize WordPress template for real estate and rentals
  • integrate her Facebook Page (and Twitter) with WordPress so new content is automatically cross posted to all channel (Web, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Upgrade WordPress plan to allow plugins
  • choose and integrate booking plugin into site to allow for Keenizsha weekly vacation rentals on Sint Maarten
  • SEO for the site to increase incoming traffic
  • SSL for secure order and payment functionality