My friend Kalli, who has been making custom handbags for years from home, decided to get a little more serious and wanted a website to promote her products with. She was already suing Social Media to an extend but understood the importance of a website to go with all that activity. The website could also serve as a more permanent showcase of her best bags and designs.

kalliopie designs
Kalliopie Designs

She wanted a way to promote her “trademark” Evil Eye and skull designs and make a presence to distinguish herself from cheaper copies that can be found on the Internet.

All her designs feature an internal label with her name and Zebra pattern to easily distinguish it from cheap copies.

I set-up a nice visual theme, with a Pinterest-like design of the featured images. The home page shows all the latest blogs and creates a nice mosaic of the images used with each blog. This way, the home page really radiates her creativity and lets visitors click on their favorite bag or dress right away, without the need to go to a menu.

She had professional photos of her products made by Yotam Sandakand used a real model which truly brings our the best in her designs. This made it very easy to create a beautiful portfolio of her clutch bag and sun dresses.

  • Personal plan to remove ads
  • Integration with Facebook page, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Registered domain name
  • Set-up portfolio pages