Sicilian chef who’s running one of the longest running Italian culinary workshops and private dining venues in The Hague, Netherlands, needed a tune-up of his computers, WiFi.

  • Advice on buying the right computers for work and home
  • Installed 1 new computer with Windows 7 and NAS for backups
  • Upgraded one old desktop and laptop to Windows 7 using a Small Business license with 3 serials
  • Restore backups and connect peripherals (phone, printers, media center)
  • Installed new CPU and fan in old desktop
  • Reconfigured WiFi to be more secure yet easy to join for guests of the restaurant and workshop
  • Showed how Google Docs could be used to make invoices and how to develop a workflow for the Inbox to follow up Emails regularly and painlessly so potential guests were confirmed promptly and swiftly


  • Highly satisfied guests
  • High-performance Wifi in the restaurant
  • Greater turn-over because more guests were confirmed in the same amount of time
  • Synchronized files across computers and reliable backups on the home NAS
  • Less time spend on Email