Another year, another design!

by ami redesign
BY AMI – Urban Bistro

BY AMI wanted a new design for their website, one that reflected their vibrant colors and Instagrammable dishes more closely. It had to highlight their color design and frequent Instagram posts. The website is responsive, of course, and mobile-first because 66% of their visitors use their mobile phone to view the site and book reservations.

WordPress AMP support

I wanted a website that performed better under AMP, Google’s high-speed mobile web technology. Luckily WordPress partnered with Google on that project, so WordPress natively supports AMP out-of-the-box (although your chosen theme may do not so well). More than half of BY AMI’s visitors find the site through discovery rather than direct, so being well-indexed and treated by Google may make a key difference.

To better support Google Search and Maps, I also really wanted to add Structured Data from to the site and present the key products and services to Google so it may present people who search for BY AMI with more detailed and targeted information. (You’ve probably seen how Wikipedia entries are often listed on the right side of your search on Google. Or how products or services are listed under a mobile phone provider when you search for your new phone or cheaper subscription.)

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So the new BY AMI website is centered around the (social media) posts and put them front and center on the home page. The black background brings out the text in mauve very well and makes it legible. The other colors gold and petrol are used as highlight colors to bring out specific elements of an article or page. This will be tuned afterwards.

The pages were redesigned and the different lunch and dinner arrangements grouped in a (hopefully) less confusing manner. Frequent photos from professional photoshoots are used as featured images on all web pages so visitors get a great impression of how the restaurant looks when they first browse the website. Product photos are placed whenever they illustrate the product clearly to avoid writing lengthy text that most people don’t read anyway. Let the pictures and colors speak for themselves!

With help of two new plugins old URLs were renamed to the new pages and a redirection plugin should help prevent people coming from old outdated links on the Internet to reach the new pages effortlessly! Of course, I’ll monitor the logs for a month or so to prevent people from reaching the dreaded 404 – not found page!

If you’re inspired by this project and would like to know how I can help your website, get in touch with me and create your site on I can jump in later and help you continue it and will finish it in no time!