The best place on St Maarten to get Buffalo Wings was doing all they could to establish their brand but lacked a website where people could get more info, browse menus, make reservations and find the contact info of the place. So all the ads had no landing page.

Thankfully, Victor had already reserved a domain name. He just hadn’t created a website yet. The Facebook page was getting all the attention, a very common misunderstanding people have.

So when I offered him to do it for him, he quickly agreed. Victor showed me a couple of sites he really liked and with that, I set out to create a website for him, using basic services whenever possible to limit cost.

  • for reliable hosting and affordable rates
  • Personal plan to remove ads and get a second alternative domain name for spelling errors

After a few sessions, I had a good idea of his offerings and how to structure the website to show customers and visitors just what Buffalo Wings St Maarten has to offer: wings, burgers, wraps, great lunches and 24 homemade sauces!

buffalo wings sxm
Buffalo Wings St Maarten

We also integrated Google My Business and Google Search Console into the mix, so they have a pretty good idea about how visitors get to their website (search) or how they end up on the website (discovery).

Now that the basic site is finished, Victor can focus his ads on the most effective channels, expand his product portfolio online so that people will learn that Buffalo Wings SXM is more than just wings!